Dec. 14, 2020

Ep. 14 - British Urban Film Festival 2020 (Bonus Episode)

Ep. 14 - British Urban Film Festival 2020 (Bonus Episode)

This week is a very special episode as we watched and discussed six shorts from the "Laughter Zone" category from the British Urban Film Festival 2020 (

The shorts:

Director: Bryan Bostic
Writer: Bryan Bostic
Stars: Yazzmyn Shelby, Terri Wright, Fatou Villane

Hungry Joe:
Directors: Samuel Dawe, Paul Holbrook
Writers: Samuel Dawe, Paul Holbrook
Stars: Laura Bayston, Andrew Greaves, Craig Gilligan

Loyality or Lies:
Director: Comfort Emmanuel
Writer: Comfort Emmanuel
Stars: Raquel Appiah, Andrew Bunting, Benjamin Cawley

Director: Paul Holbrook
Writers: Paul Holbrook, Graeme Willetts
Stars: Bruce Jones, Destiny Mountford, Katie Francis

Director: Jason Hightower
Writer: Amber Iman
Stars: Raymond Baynard, Amber Iman, Kristolyn Lloyd

History of Nipples:
Director: Bailey Tom Bailey
Writer: Bailey Tom Bailey
Stars: Joseph Macnab, Lily Wood, Ronan Cullen

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